What grades are offered at St. Joseph School?

St. Joseph School offers Full-Day Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten, Elementary (Grades 1-5), and Junior High (Grades 6-8) curricula.

What is the definition of ACTIVE CATHOLIC PARISHIONER in St. Joseph Parish?

The definition of "ACTIVE CATHOLIC PARISHIONER" in St. Joseph Parish related to the above policy includes:

  • Parent(s) is a Baptized Catholic; child(ren) has been baptized Catholic and participates in Faith Formation (attendance of CCD or religious education)

  • Parent(s) is registered in St. Joseph Parish (for at least a full year prior to applying to enter St. Joseph School unless just moved from another area where family was registered / active in a different Catholic parish)

  • Parent(s) is a participating, active parish member (events, liturgies etc)

  • Parent(s) provides regular (weekly) financial support to the parish through use of the parish envelope.

  • An active parishioner is a registered member of our faith community for whom stewardship is a way of life, i.e. one who shares his or her time, talent and treasure with the parish family. Evidence of desire for spiritual growth and practice of the faith is evidenced by the Pastoral Agreement.


Is the school accredited?

St. Joseph School has undergone evaluation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and has been granted full accreditation through to June 30, 2024.

St. Joseph School received a national Blue Ribbon Award for excellence in school programs for school year 1996-1997. Award was received in Washington, D.C. in November, 1997.

Is their an extended day care services available?

Our "Kids Club" is open after school and closes at 6PM.  Kid's Club is also open before school starting at 7AM.

Are there any after school activities?

We offer Chess Club, administered by Success Chess. There are student activities offered through our music program such as choir. Our Math activity is "Math Olympia" and other CYO sports activities. We offer "peer student after school homework help" provided by students in the upper grades. 

Can parent visit a classroom?

Parents wishing to observe their child in the classroom environment, while school is in session, need to first make arrangements with their teacher.

What option does St. Joseph School offer students for lunch?

Students may either bring their lunch to school or take advantage of the hot lunch program provided by ChoiceLunch .

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