Mission Helper Coordinators


Lenore Antonio-Bernales

Grace Noble

1st Grade

Melissa Pineda

Melissa Reyes

Maristelle Hosaka

2nd Grade

Jerlee Cadigal

Luana Ritchie

Smita Easow

3rd Grade

Melissa Pineda

4th Grade

Cynthia Imura

Melissa Aquino

5th Grade

Stacey Connors

6th Grade

Michelle Cobain

7th Grade

Betsy Spicciati

Joanna Diaz-Yoshioka

Bob Vu

8th Grade

Lorraine Chew

Christina Teng

SJS Liason

(510) 656-6525

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The Mission Helpers Program is made of parent representatives from each classroom. Should you have any questions regarding your child's classroom Mission Helper projects, please feel free to contact the appropriate representative.


We are also always looking for help! If you are interested in joining Mission Helpers - as a representative or simply to help with a project, please contact our program chairperson. Stacey Conners.


And we are also always looking for new project ideas.  Do you have one?  Use the form below to submit it!  Thank you.