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Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in St. Joseph School, Fremont.
The Office of Admission is here to personally guide families through the application process.


Need a Little Help?
This video will walk you through the new student application process.

Admission Policies

"Every person, as a child of God, regardless of race, condition, or age, has equal dignity and an inalienable right to an education. Therefore, no qualified student will be denied admission to St. Joseph School on the basis of sex, race, color, or national origin."
Admission to St. Joseph School shall be influenced and determined by the following:
  • Satisfactory performance in Academics, Behavior, Attendance, Effort, Conduct, Test Scores from previous schools and entrance exam scores; (Kindergarten readiness is assessed for acceptance into Kindergarten).
  • Completion of information on the registration application.
  • For those baptized, please provide baptismal certificate for verification.
  • Birth certificate for all in-coming students must be presented for verification.
  • A request for student information prior to acceptance must be completed by the school from which the child is transferring
  • For Kindergarten, the child must be 5 years old by September 1.
  • Students transferring from another Catholic school or private school must have financial obligations to previous school completed.
  • All applicants to St. Joseph School are tested prior to acceptance, and parents are asked to come for an interview.
  • At the request of the parents, children not accepted will be kept on the waiting list for the current school year only. Applications must be renewed each year.
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