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Mission Helpers

The Mission Helpers Program was established in 1996 to nurture our commitment to Gospel charity. We believe it is each Christian's responsibility to use his or her gifts for the good of the community and to minister as Jesus did. Parents and students spend their talents on community service projects in support of our school's religious and social goals. Together the teachers, students and Mission Helper parent representatives decide what services their class will perform during the year. Through this stewardship, we strive to provide each student with a meaningful experience of God and community.

Community Service Projects


Our Mission Helpers Projects have helped:

St. Vincent De Paul

Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Support Services

Catholic Relief Services


Holy Family Sisters Day Home, SF

St. Martin De Porres Elementary School Oakland

Abode Services

Sister John Marie's Pantry

Holy Family Church in Weed, CA

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Dominican Sisters Care Center

Philippines Typhoon Relief

Koins for Kids

St. Joseph Church

American Red Cross

Books for Barrios

Ryan's Well

and more....


Faith Families


Faith is caught not taught so the saying goes and our first opportunity to catch the faith is in our families. The families of St. Joseph school are a faith family within the larger faith family of the parish. Each and every student at St. Joseph School also belongs to school faith family headed by an eighth grade student and made up of at least one student from each grade. Your first grade student joins the family headed by their eighth grader. Each family is named after a saint and always sits together at the school masses to share the Eucharist, the family meal of our universal Church.

The first "family function" is the decoration of the family shield. The families gather in each classroom to personalize a cardboard shield bearing the name of their patron saint. Each member of the family designs and colors a portion of the shield. The eighth grade "student leader" takes responsibility for carrying the shield to mass where it is hung on their pew.

Faith Families have been a special tradition at St Joseph School for many years and is a wonderful growth opportunity for student sense of community and their shared faith in God. Ask your child about their Faith Family. Remember to pray for your child's faith family when you pray with them at night. Join us when the Faith Families gather for mass and activities.

"I give glory to you, my God, as I make stewardship a way of life."

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