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Tuition Assistance

FACTS Need-Based Scholarship 

Need-Based Scholarships for the school year are available for qualifying families through FACTS.  

FACTS applications must be completed on-line. The on-line application is the only available method to apply for a need-based scholarship. To properly complete the form and ensure the information is recorded correctly, you must verify your information before submitting the on-line application form.




BASIC Fund Scholarship

The BASIC Fund provides scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis to families in financial need. The awards are based on household size and income and cover up to $2,500 of the tuition per child each school year. Apply between January 15th and March 31st. After this date you will be placed on a waitlist until July 31.

Basic Fund link is for "New Applicants" only if you are currently enrolled in this program, you will receive renewal paperwork mid-March from your school.

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