There are currently two tuition plans. 


  • Plan A - 1) Be Catholic. 2) Be an active, registered parishioner of a Catholic Church. 3) Provide regular financial support to the parish through the use of parish envelopes or other approved documentation. Participation as a parishioner is not something established at the time the child is accepted into school, but, rather something already in process for at least the year before.

  • Plan B - Does not fill one or more of the requirements of Tuition Plan A.


St. Joseph School Tuition is handled through SMART Tuition services. Information about SMART Tuition Service will be provided upon acceptance into St. Joseph School. A printable version of our tuition information can be found here.


Each family is required to pay an annual Parent Fund Fee for $250, which will be added to your total annual tuition and will be withdrawn in monthly increments along with your tuition payment. This annual fee takes the place of those mandatory fundraisers, which require students to sell items.

Registration Fee is $375 per student, payable at the time of registrations.



Need Based Scholarships for the school year are available for qualifying families through FACTS.  

FACTS applications must be completed on-line. The on-line application is the only available method to apply for a need based scholarship. To properly complete the form and ensure the information is recorded correctly, you must verify your information before submitting the on-line application form.

 On Line Application

The BASIC Fund provides scholarships on a first come, first-served basis to families in financial need. The awards are based on household size and income, and covers up to $2,000 of the tuition per child each school year. Apply before March 15th. After this

date you will be placed on a wait list until July 31.

Basic Fund link is for "New Applicants" only, if you are currently enrolled in this program, you will receive renewal paperwork mid-March from your school.

On Line Application