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At St. Joseph School, Fremont education is an investment that will pay dividends for life.


There are currently two tuition plans for the 2024-2025 school year.


Plan A (In Parish)

  1. Parent(s) is baptized; and child has been baptized and participates in Faith Formation (CCD or religious education).

  2. Parent(s) is registered and active at St. Joseph Parish; or is active at another parish or has recently moved from another area where family was registered and active (events, liturgies) in a Parish.

  3. Provide regular financial support to the parish through the use of parish envelopes or other approved documentation. Participation as a parishioner is not something established at the time the child is accepted into school, but, rather something already in process for at least the year before.

Plan B (Out of Parish)


  1. Plan B - Does not fulfill one or more of the requirements of Tuition Plan A.


St. Joseph School Tuition is handled through Blackbaud Tuition Management. Information about Blackbaud Tuition Management will be provided upon acceptance into St. Joseph School. A printable version of our tuition information is available upon request.


Plan A Tution

Plan B Tution

K - 8th (per Child)



TK (per Child)



Additional Annual Fees:

  • $450 Registration fee per student – payable at the time of registration

  • $250 Parent Fund Fee* per family – payable with tuition


*The Parent Fund Fee takes the place of mandatory fundraisers such as candy, wrapping paper or magazine subscription sales)

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