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Learning Support

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Learning Support Coordinator:

Mrs. Ana Vieira


Learning Support Teacher:

Ms. Thida Kong 

St. Joseph School strives to meet the needs of all learners.  We understand that early identification of student needs and appropriate interventions help the student enjoy a positive, successful school experience, nurture the growth of the whole child and encourage our students to be lifelong learners. Our Learning Support Program works in partnership with school administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and students under the Student Success Team (SST) model – a collaborative, team approach in identifying and serving the needs of our students.


The Learning Support Program works to identify the learning needs of each student through informal screenings and formal assessments.  In gaining an understanding of a student’s needs, individualized learning support plans are developed and implemented.  Student performance and progress are closely monitored.


The Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) and Learning Support Resource Teacher provide small group and individualized instruction to identified students.


Services provided through Learning Support Program

  • Provides case management of students with learning differences

  • Identifies student needs

  • Develops an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) collaboratively with the principal, counselors, teachers, support staff, parents and students to implement appropriate interventions, accommodations and academic modifications

  • Conducts SST meetings and conferences to evaluate interventions, student performance and progress

  • Consults with outside specialists and agencies in meeting the needs of a student

  • Contracts with outside specialists in providing specific support to those students in need

  • Facilitates transition meetings to ensure the continuation of support from one school year to the next

  • Nurtures student self-advocacy, empowering students to ask for what they need and take responsibility for their learning

  • Administers the English Language Proficiency Test in partnership with Fremont Unified School District to identify English language learners in need of specific instruction

  • Trains and supports faculty and staff

  • Supports and educates parents


Structure of the Learning Support Program:

  • Small group instruction

  • 1:1 instruction

  • Onsite specialized support by outside resources specific to student needs

  • After school tutoring program

    • Student-to-student support provided by 8th grade students to primary and middle school students under the direction and guidance of the LSC

    • Student-to-student support provided by high school students to junior high students for skill and concept reinforcement

  • Organizational and study skills classes for junior high students

  • English Language instruction for identified students

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